Diamond vs Heart

Diamond Vs Heart

The Harder | The Precious

Whether its ♦Diamond♦ or ♥Heart♥ both are precious they need to be taken care of. Once ♥Heart♥ is broken or ♦Diamond♦ is hurt it looses its prominence. ♦Diamond♦ shines because of its unique nature and hard at core where as ♥Heart♥ shines when there is love in ♥Heart♥ and soft at core. Love in ♥Heart♥ is itself benchmark as ♦Diamond♦ ♥Heart♥ because love make ♥Heart♥ live life truly.


♦Diamond♦ and ♥Heart♥ both are having on thing in common that both are rarely found in true nature. ♦Diamond♦ needs to be polished to make shine whereas ♥Heart♥ need to fell in love to really understand others feeling. ♦Diamond♦ are used as jewelry element and given as gift to beloved whereas ♥Heart♥ is the place where beloved one resides and get that value which is exactly for ♦Diamond♦ in mines world. As ♦Diamond♦ in shape of ♥Heart♥ is mostly demanded for jewelry, similarly if ♥Heart♥ is called as ♦Diamond♦ ♥Heart♥ where there is true love in it.


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