Dream more, it’s free

Dream More, It’s Free

Who in this world do not have dreams?  Why not to dream more when its free? The fact only matter is that a person how consider the dreams up-to what level of importance. I am not talking about the dream which we see with closed eyes at night and sometimes in days. The dream I am talking about are the hopes, inspirational source and motivation of life. Dreams which do not really existing in the world, but lies in the heart and eyes.

Dreams are generally those plans or desires which on attaining and completion give a lot of happiness and self satisfaction. Until the life remains for the person he keeps dreaming. On completion of one he dreams for another and so on the cycle goes. But most of the times it does happens that dreams remain uncompleted and never comes true. So What shall a person do – he should not dream? No, I don’t think this is right way to tackle this problem. We need to have always a big dream with no limitations, boundation or restriction because the higher we aim, the greater we reach.

Why to dream less when we can aim for more

Why to dream less when we can aim for more, in fact, we shall let the imaginative reach at beyond the thoughts. Even if they never come true, we will be happy till that by a thought that we had a dream which itself a form of state that related to the comfort zone.

What should we do to make our dreams come true? Do most of the people have their dreams became true? If we stop dreaming will this help us reach happiness? The answer is no. If we dream of something we need to perform some set of plan and organize the action. Then we need to step forward in the right direction. If we have right step in the right direction, no one will go to stop you from making your dreams come true.

I agree that sometimes circumstances are not favorable, but still if you would have strategically moved yourself with them, you must have achieved the state of self respect that you done your job and now let the super power play its role.

Most of the people never get their dreams come true the reason is that they never hoped and never acted on their desires. If you set up a dream, then you can’t sleep, you can’t sit idle, you can’t relax and not even you can say I am completely. Because dreams make you complete as what you got is true and real what you want is called a dream. So I am only say in this matter that ”dreams are not which comes in sleep, instead these are which takes off your sleep”.

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