Why do bad things always happen to good people?

Why do bad things always happen to good people?

Things happen to people.
“Good” or “bad” entirely depends on the person and the perspective.
There is no such thing as “Bad things” and “Good people”. What is Good to you is “Bad” for someone else and what is “Bad” to you is “Good” for someone else.

So let’s say a Lion breaks into your house and eats you up.
Your neighbors will curse the Lion because they considered you good.
Your enemies will praise the Lion because they considered you bad.
The Lion’s children will praise the Lion because they were Hungry.
The Hyena’s children will curse the Lion because they did not get a share.
The Deer will praise the Lion because the Lion did not eat him and selected you as your food.
The Forest officials will curse you because their job is on the line because the Lion ate you.
The farmers will bless you because now you have awakened the government and the government will do something about it.

The Lion is not responsible for all these “feelings”. Neither are you. He is just following his behavior and you are an object of his behavior. All these feelings emerge from individual perspectives of “Good” and “Bad” and the “NEED”.

Love Memories in Diamond Heart

Love Memories

♦ Diamond ♦ In ♥ Heart ♥

The pain of love from heart never goes, even after dying the madness of love exist. I don’t know of which their heart as they could not hear the words coming from heart depth. In love everything destroys curiosity makes heart beat heavily only the memories are left in heart for ever. Its only the memories of your which make me think a lot. Why did you left my love story incomplete, why you left me alone, now I could not bear these tears in my eyes my life became horrible without you. With these pain in ♦Diamond♦ ♥Heart♥ my love, my faith is calling you any how please come back in my life.
In the memory of someone this Taj Mahal have been made and it is loves which make people write sad poems all time. In the memories only all dreams comes true and all the moment spent together get revised in memories itself. If you are not there, you memories make me cry. It is memories only that remained with me after you left me alone in the life.

diamond in heart

How long shall I remember and cry with her memories oh my god please give me strength to forget her. Even today her face remains in front of my eyes, I still have some feeling in depth of my heart I have tried a lot to forget but ii can forget world but not to her. Even when I close my eyes I feel her close to me. How to remove her memories from my heart?
I loved her and I got punished also for my love and even this make me so ill that it do not have remedy, I prey god they no one else love somebody to such extent of madness. How to show where it hurts and how it burns blood every drop momentarily, I prey god to do not let any one with such memories and provide such diamond heart.



Diamond vs Heart

Diamond Vs Heart

The Harder | The Precious

Whether its ♦Diamond♦ or ♥Heart♥ both are precious they need to be taken care of. Once ♥Heart♥ is broken or ♦Diamond♦ is hurt it looses its prominence. ♦Diamond♦ shines because of its unique nature and hard at core where as ♥Heart♥ shines when there is love in ♥Heart♥ and soft at core. Love in ♥Heart♥ is itself benchmark as ♦Diamond♦ ♥Heart♥ because love make ♥Heart♥ live life truly.


♦Diamond♦ and ♥Heart♥ both are having on thing in common that both are rarely found in true nature. ♦Diamond♦ needs to be polished to make shine whereas ♥Heart♥ need to fell in love to really understand others feeling. ♦Diamond♦ are used as jewelry element and given as gift to beloved whereas ♥Heart♥ is the place where beloved one resides and get that value which is exactly for ♦Diamond♦ in mines world. As ♦Diamond♦ in shape of ♥Heart♥ is mostly demanded for jewelry, similarly if ♥Heart♥ is called as ♦Diamond♦ ♥Heart♥ where there is true love in it.


Present Time To Refresh Mind

Present Time

Present time it is very essential to refreshment of mind. Free your mind from everything like negativity, thinking, tension etc. Just keep your mind in rest just enjoy internal peace.
There are many therapies of refreshing mind here we discuss about music therapy.
What is music therapy?
Basically music therapy is a treatment therapy in which music is provided to solve physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of people. After assessing the strengths and needs of each client, the qualified music therapist provides the indicated treatment including creating, singing, moving to, and/or listening to music.
How’s it’s working
Physiologically and neurologically, music therapy is processed throughout your entire brain. It has this really great power on healing, both emotional healing, physical healing, social healing.
Its gives peace in our mind.it increases the positive Harmon’s in our mind.it kept our mind in rest.

Music therapy gives inner peace
Its decreases negativity and increases positivity
It breaks your mind’s boundaries and spread your thinking space
Music therapy gives purity to our thoughts
It gives healing power to mentally, physically and whole body.


Difficulties To Be Understood

Someone said “Difficulties make stronger from inside you.” It’s right.
But people nowadays fear from Difficulties and pray from god that they never face any trouble in their life.which is not possible.

But they don’t know that they can identify in Difficulties who is their own and who is stranger.
Weak peoples fear from problems and did something wrong which they should not do it.
But brave persons takes problem as a challenge and face it whatever the result but they learnt from it.
Problems,difficulties and troubles tells us the important lesson of life.they shows us who is true friend and who is fake.

Troubles makes a human stronger and he or she can fight with every problem in their life.fear is ended from his or her heart and mind and he will reach on top of success.
You can see every successful men get So many Difficulties to reach success
So whenever problem come don’t be fear just stay calm. Search reasons behind them and then find solution and start to solve it.

Wish you a very successful life.