Things you should do when you feel negativity

  1. Every type of persons feels negativity in their daily routine. It’s normal, but sometime its excess is much harmful to them and they choose a wrong way so there are some steps you should follow when you feel negativity.
  2. Stop whatever you are doing which causes the negativity. Change the topic or work and do something new which gives you joy.
  3. Stop thinking about your failure and unfulfilled desires sometime it causes of negativity.
  4. Whenever you feel negativity, think about your positive thoughts, your achievements, your small success and about the things which gives you joy & pleasure.
  5. Change your mind in another direction do whatever you like to do.
  6. Do your hobbies like writing, singing, painting etc. It will consume your whole negativity and free your mind.
  7. Get motivated by any method like watching motivational videos, inspiring movies like Chak de India, gravity, Martian, pursuit of happiness, etc. There is lot of movies which fill you with full inspiration.
  8. Go out for a picnic or spend time with your friends, family, and relatives which you like mostly and share your problems. They will surely help you.
  9. Most steps is finding the root of a problem which causes negativity and try to solve it . This step gives you permanent peace.
  10. Listen music it will keep your mind refreshing.


Just live your life. If you feel these steps are good enough, then like, comment and share to help others Bestof luck

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